Exercises Wearing the Posture Corrector to Relieve Back Pain

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If you are exercising to stay fit and toned, you should wear a posture corrector. This accessory is very important especially if you are trying to relieve back pain through stretching and other fitness routines.

In this article, we will recommend a few simple and effective exercises you can do at home while wearing the back brace. These exercises will increase the positive effect of the posture corrector and will help you reduce back and neck pain caused by constant slouching.

A Few Precautions before Exercising with the Posture Corrector On

The first important aspect to keep in mind is to make sure you have the right size of the posture corrector for women or for men. It must be a tight fit, but it must not prevent you from moving freely. A back stretcher that is a size too small for you will also cut off blood circulation and cause muscle cramps.

Secondly, you should start with the simplest exercises. Later on, you can try more complicated ones as you get stronger and mode confident in your level of fitness.

With these being said, here are some of the most effective exercise wearing a posture corrector to relieve back pain:

1. The Forward Fold

This is the simplest exercise you will ever try. All you have to do is bend forward, until you can grab your ankles with your hands. Attention! You should keep the knees straight, and bend only from your waist.

With a back posture corrector on while doing this exercise, your shoulders will remain straight. At the same time, you will relieve stress from your spine and hamstrings. You should keep the pose for as long as you can, ideally for 1 minute. Repeat a few times.

2. The Back Wings

For this exercise, wearing the posture corrector is mandatory to prevent an injury in your upper back muscles. As you stand up with the legs slightly apart, bring back your arms, like birds do when they fly away.

Next, interlock your fingers and lift both arms as high as possible. The posture brace will prevent you from lifting too high and overstretching a muscle. Instead, you will remove stress from your shoulder and chest muscles. These muscles tend to become very tense after long hours of working at the desk.

3. The Forward Slide

For this exercise, you should kneel on the floor, keeping your legs close together. Next, sit back on your haunches and bend your upped body forward, with the arms stretched out above your head.

As your palms touch the floor, start moving backwards and forward from your waist. This exercise is excellent for relieving pressure from all the muscle groups in your back. If you add a posture corrector to the routine, you will also make sure that your spine is correctly aligned, as well.


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